Monday, December 22, 2008

Nilgiri's Cake Exhibition

Bangalore hosted the 36th annual Nilgiri's Cake Exhibition, this december

Venue for the show is St. Jospeh's Indian High School, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore (close to MG Road, drive straight down from MG road and after first signal on the left you can see the school - near to Kandeerava Indoor Stadium) .
The Cake Exhibition is clubbed with the National Consumer Fair 2008.

The theme of the cake exhibition is the 7 new wonders of the world. The highlight of the exhibition was the 16 Feet by 58 feet Buckingham Palace.
Other Exhibits include , The Taj Mahal of India, Christ Redeemer of Brazil, The Great Wall of China, Petra of Jordan, Machu Picchu of Peru, Colosseum of Rome and The Pyramid at Chichen Itza

Nearly 20,000 man-hours and 9.5 tonnes of sugar were used in creating the cakes

After the exhibition, the cakes are usually distributed to orphanages.

For those who missed out the cakes here are the pics

Entry Ticket : 30 rs/head
Parking : 20 rs (car park) 10rs(bike)

Huge Parking lot available.

The event is on the school ground with a closed interiors. The crowd management is very bad.Toilets are not availble and there was hush hush with ladies toilets as drunken guys were near the ladies toilet on the first floor of the school, and the ladies toilet didnot have any water or mugs and to the least even the doors didnot have any latches. Please avoid the toilets.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Search for Text + String within a Stored Proc in SQL

I was searching for a Query in MS SQL for searching a string inside the available stored procedure, and found this query.

Query with the Objects and search with the content(definition) of the stored proc

select as [StoredProc] from sys.objects o
inner join
sys.sql_modules m
o.object_id = m.object_id
m.definition like '%[String to be Searched]%'

or we can directly query into the Sys.Procedures

SELECT Name FROM sys.procedures

Monday, August 11, 2008

கொடைகன்னல் - KodaiKannal

Kodaikannal is one of the famous hill station of south india.
Kodai as it is called is a trekker's delight.The Scenic and nature it has is also really pleaseant.

Kodai is around 4hrs trip in bus from Madurai and 3 hrs from Palazhni(near dindigal).
There are lot of private travels that have a night journey to reach you to Kodai.
If you reach Dindigal or Madurai by train then , you can take a bus.
Kodai Road happens to be a starting point to the hill when coming from Madurai and it is famouse for its Malli Poo(Jasmine).If you are coming from Dindugal then you can reach Palazhini and then Kodai

Kodaikannal is famouse for its lake. and it has been popularised by some very famous movies from south india (GUNA, Tenali -kamal , RAAM - jeeva). some of the spots have been names on these movies.

Places to watch

Coaker's Walk : Named after Coaker an English gentleman who used to talk a walk during his time. The Walk is a beautiful steep climb from the Kodai Lake and botanical Garden junction.

Upper Lake View : Iti s a view point from where we can see the Kodai lake in its Star Shape

Pamper Falls , Golf Course , Green Valley view

Pillar Rock : Devil's Kitchen : Four Pillar These places are linked to each other. This is a view point from where we can see the mount as a Pillars. Watching the pillars with Mist is a Real Beauty.

Devil's Kitchen is now also called as GUNA caves. The caves were used in the Climax of Kamal's movie GUNA. Now it has become a tourist spot. Earlier it was allowed to enter the caves but now due to security and safety reasons it has been blocked.

Pine Forest : This has been the most used spot of Kodai , almost hundreds of movies have been shot here, and now it has become a famous Cine Shooting Spot

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nandhi Hills

i have been planning the Nandhi hills trip for a long time, and everytime it has been a disaster.
Today was tuli's bday and the gang had planned to go to Nandhi hills today after our lunch.unfortunately thimgs didnot work out even today. The lunch got late and one of my friend had to shift his house and it started to rain.It was just 3pm.Me and one of my friend we decided to proceed with our plan.
Nanadhi hills is a very small hill 50km from bangalore.Watching sunrise and Sunset is the main reason why people go there.Till 2007 Dec the road was difficult to travel as highway to the BIAL(Bangalore International Airport) was getting layed.Now the Highway is really good. It takes 30mins to reach from Hebbal to reach the BIAL but may take more when the traffic is at peak. 5 kms from the airport you get Devenahally.There is a small for on the right side while moving towards Nandhi hills.It happens to be related to TipuSultan 's Hisoty.Few kms and you will see a Jain Temple on the hill top to the left.and just below the hill you will get a road that deviates to the left.The road is a straight smooth drive.Watch out for the speed breakers.From the turn ,Nandhi hills is 23kms.

My Ikon was beeping red as the fuel was getting empty.there are no petrol bunks once u deviate from the highway.but 8kms inside the road turns left and there are few small shops for snacks.You get petrol in bottles but will cost 10rs more.which is fine.
5 km more into the road, the Nandhi hill begin there are totally 32 curves to reach the top. 10 mins as you drive the wind gets cold and you start to get the view of the city which is spectacular.Once you reach the top you need to take a ticket for the car 60rs and you need to go furthur 2 kms to the top.

On the peak there is a KSTDC hotel .The hotel has a garden on the ground floor which is accessible for people staying there.You get Beer and hot drinks.
There are small Tshops outside but they are mostly available only during weekends.

I reached Nandhi hills at 5.30pm.The wind brining the dew drops was amazing.Seeing the wind take the dew and fog down on the village down is really a thrill to watch.When the wind blows suddenly there is a blanket that covers the whole of the hill and drifts slowly downwards.
I recommend everyone to visit it once a while if you need to just sit and watch the wind play.

I will make another visit soon with the whole gang.