Saturday, November 14, 2009

GO -> Google's OpenSource programming Language

Google has released it new opensource programming language called GO.
GO tends to be a mixture of C , C++ ,Phyton and Javascript.
It is said to be very fast in compilation (over 120K lines of code compiling in under 10 seconds)

Currently Google tells it still has not started implementing the GO platform for it own internal use, but it has started moving towards it.
GO runs on GO.

With Google Android for Mobile , Google Wave on Collaboration , Google GO will make a impact on the coming next generation of Software Applications

Features :

Maps is a inbuilt variable
Has no hierarchy, so no time is spent defining the relationships between types.
Has static types the language attempts to make types feel lighter weight than in typical OO languages
Does not provide Implicit Numeric conversion
Has pointers but no pointer arithmetic
Garbage Collection ( Mark - Sweep )
No Generics at this point (has the ability to use the empty interface to construct containers (with explicit unboxing))
No Exceptions


  1. I have heard something about that goggle is processing one programming language on its own code. It is the mixer of C programming language and python programming language. It is easy, speedy, concurrent, open source, safe for memory & implementation.


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